Blogging tips from Malaysia’s first blog entrepreneur

Louiss Lim initiated an email conversation with me yesterday. If you have never heard of Louiss Lim before, then you may not have been online (active on the Internet) for long enough, he is the founder of obviously and self proclaimed First Blog Entrepreneur In Malaysia.

The conversation continues today and it revolves around some casual talks. Anyway, Louiss Lim somehow is quite mysterious to me and at the same time I kind of admire him also because I heard rumors that he earns a very decent revenue from his Internet businesses. Yeah, businesses because rumors also say that he has many blogs, and has a team of people to manage them for him!

Wow, like that I must learn from him… so, I shot this question to him “Any blogging and Internet business tips you wanna share with me?”. Almost instantly, I got a reply from him…

Internet tips

What a classic reply!

Never Say NO!
Never Give UP!
Take Action NOW!

So, now to thank you for coming to my blog and read until here, I am sharing the tips from Malaysia’s first blog entrepreneur with you. You say I am damn nice or not? 🙂

Remember the tips OK. FOCUS and TAKE ACTION NOW. Don’t wait… do it now and be persistent!