Discovering the Best-Hidden Secrets of Penang, and it’s not about Technology

Today it’s time to take a break from Gadgets and Techno stuff. Instead we have decided to look at Penang, widely acknowledged to be the I.T. capital of Malaysia. Mention the word Penang… your imagination (and mine) would automatically venture to the beautiful stretch of beaches along Batu Ferringhi. But once you have driven past […]

Top 5 Gadgets That Help You Burn Fatdocument.location.href=””

Best of all, you’re not even aware of it! January has arrived, a time when we start implementing our new year resolutions. Keeping Fit & Losing Weight is one that pops up year after year (probably because it makes the list for most likely to be broken!) So here are a few gadgets to help […]

Top 5 Gadgets for Women

Men love cars and electronic gadgets. Women love clothes and shoes. Those taglines are a blast from the past. Nowadays, men too are conscious about their wardrobes and women are beginning to appreciate hi-tech equipment. Here are our Top 5 gadget picks that could take the female market by storm in the months to come! […]

Avatar: The Game

Year 2009 closed off grandly with the much anticipated release of epic science fiction film, Avatar by James Cameron, 12 years after his success with Titanic, the highest grossing film of all time. Avatar, which was originally scheduled to be filmed after the completion of Titanic had to be postponed as the technology required to […]

Apple Tablet Rumors

Introducing the new iSlate? iGuide? iScreen? iPad? Brace yourself this 2010, for another outstanding innovation from Apple – the company that has remained true to its witty slogans: Beauty outside, Beast inside; 1,000 songs in your pocket; and 25,000 apps and counting. The Tablet PC is hardly new in the market, but somehow has not […]

HP Mini H110 Netbook

Meet my new baby… the HP Mini Netbook. Now I’m not a mini device freak…. Netbooks, PDAs or even iPhones. I got my iPhone before everyone else in Malaysia… around November 2007 I think. All I did was use it as a normal mobile phone, played a few games on it, used the super-duper browser […]

HP Pavilion 2009f LCD Monitor

The HP Pavilion 2009f LCD monitor is sleek, shiny and ergonomically designed. With just a flip of the base attached to the bottom of the screen, it can stand alone in an upright position on a table or any flat surface. Alternatively, the base can be removed relatively easily and be mounted on the wall. […]