Discovering the Best-Hidden Secrets of Penang, and it’s not about Technology

Today it’s time to take a break from Gadgets and Techno stuff. Instead we have decided to look at Penang, widely acknowledged to be the I.T. capital of Malaysia.

Mention the word Penang… your imagination (and mine) would automatically venture to the beautiful stretch of beaches along Batu Ferringhi.

But once you have driven past the Batu Ferringhi stretch and resisted the temptation of stopping by one of the gorgeous beaches, you would reach the end of it and find yourself at the Penang National Park. This would prove to be the start of a hiking venture that few know about and have experienced, though those who have would most definitely recommend this adventure to others!

Take a short walk up the trail and you would find yourself at an intersection, the left takes you to Kerachut Beach while a right turn takes you to Monkey Beach. Take the left turn and hike for an hour or two before you arrive to a secluded beach that is alluring and charming in every way imaginable. Alternatively you could also take a boat to the beach (it’s about RM15 one way per person the last time I checked), but hiking to the beach makes the journey more enjoyable.

Enjoy the gorgeous sunset at the beach, or camp overnight and watch the stars at night as Kerachut Beach is a brilliant camping site (for those who know the spot). It also holds a turtle hatchery site, thus if you are a fan of turtles, this place would appeal to your greatly!

Exhausted after a day of hiking? Time for a huge meal to recharge if you ask me! No one visits Penang without having a taste of the famous Nasi Kandar, thus why not consider a plate! I have tried countless nasi kandar stalls in Penang, but the one that sticks in mind each and every time is most definitely Nasi Kandar Line Clear! Trust me when I say that Line Clear serves the best servings of nasi kandar anywhere in Penang!

Located in an alley in between Chulia Street and Penang Road, the place might not be the cleanest around, but you will forget about hygiene the moment you set eyes on the scrumptious dishes on display! Highly recommended is the Ayam Madu (Honey Chicken) which practically melts in your mouth, and for those that love Fish Head Curry, this is the place to taste the best of the lot!

The same can be said about their chicken curry, chicken kurma, fried squid, mutton curry and all their other dishes! No matter what you take, you would not be left disappointed!

Apparently Nasi Kandar Line Clear has been around since 1947! And if you are concerned about budget, worry not as Line Clear charges extremely affordable prices for their food.

Us tech people need a break too. So why not try out Malaysia’s technology capital? Time to head off to Penang again, what say you?