Top 5 Gadgets That Help You Burn Fatdocument.location.href=””

Best of all, you’re not even aware of it!

January has arrived, a time when we start implementing our new year resolutions. Keeping Fit & Losing Weight is one that pops up year after year (probably because it makes the list for most likely to be broken!) So here are a few gadgets to help you keep that promise and not have it re-appear on your list next year!

1.    Dance Dance Revolution (PS2/PS3)

Not so long ago, video arcades were swarmed with teenagers waiting for their turn on those UFO-looking dance machines. The ease at which they coordinate swift hand and leg movements just makes you want to break into a dancing fit.

For those who squirm at any thought of public display, there is always the home series option – Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) on PS2 or PS3.

The game even features a Workout Mode which tracks the number of calories you burn while dancing. Studies have shown that the energy used to play DDR is comparable to a brisk walk on the treadmill.

2.    Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a Godsend to sun-shy individuals who love outdoor sports. This way, they are able to get into shape playing tennis, golf, baseball and even compete in Olympic events without having to expose themselves to damaging cosmic rays.

Basically playing any game in Wii involves more than thumb and finger movement. The most popular and calorie-demanding one is Wii Sport. Imagine burning 125 calories (equivalent to a  bottle of Guinness Draught!) with just 15 mins of boxing. And this has been proven through an experiment conducted by this guy who spent 30 mins a day playing Wii Sports over 6 consecutive weeks.

A must have accessory to help you melt away fat is the Wii Balance Board, which made its first appearance alongside the game, Wii Fit. Yoga, aerobics, skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing are among the few activities supported by this versatile plastic board.

3.    Nike + iPod

With a pair of Nike shoes, one can run fast like the wind. But how about enhancing your performance with music that motivates you?

The Nike+iPod is a device consisting of a sensor which is embedded in a Nike+ compatible shoe and a receiver that links up to your iPod. The sensor tracks your speed, distance and the amount of calories burned, and then displays it on the iPod. It even stores a history of your performance so that you can monitor your progress.

4.    Mobile Phone with GPS & Motion sensor

Mobile phones manufacturers are also starting to jump on the fitness wagon. The Nokia N79 Active version features a GPS sports tracker that tracks your trip, and prompts you to record and publish your exercise details such as fitness data and favourite routes on the web. This means you can explore new courses without the fear of getting lost. On top of that, it comes with a wireless Polar Bluetooth heart monitor to let you keep a confident tab on how hard you are pushing yourself.

Sony Ericsson W710, a phone designed to support active and sporty lifestyles ships with fitness applications to measure your exercise speed, distance and time. It also has a built-in motion sensor (pedometer) that tracks the number of steps you have taken throughout the day.

5.    NSD Powerball

The NSD Powerball is a revolutionary piece of fitness equipment that is only the size of a tennis ball. But do not underestimate the potential of this little bugger. From as low as RM85, you can be on your way to flexible wrists, toned forearms and strong shoulders. All you have to do is put the Powerball in your hands and hold on to it as it spins up to a staggering speed of 15,000rpm and exerts almost 18kg of pressure on your limbs. Medically it is also recommended to rehabilitate Carpal Tunnel conditions and strengthen broken bones. Best of all, it requires no batteries or motor.

With cool fitness-inspired gadgets like that, who needs the gym to keep in shape?