Android finally running on Apple iPhone 2G

Just a few weeks after independent market research companies concluded that Android has overtaken the iPhone as the Number One ranked platform in terms of online mobile traffic, industrious hackers came out with an announcement stating that the Android operating system has been successfully ported over to the iPhone 2G.

The video of the iPhone 2G running Android can be found here, and its currently in Alpha, although the hacker stated that porting it over to the 3G hardware will be relatively simple, although getting it to work on the 3GS might be a tad more difficult (probably due to the huge hardware change between the 3G and 3GS).

Now some might be wondering…WHY are people doing this? Well mainly to prove to others that they can. The Android installation is native (not running under an emulator) and the speed is pretty decent, although it’s the older version of Android, not the latest 2.1. Personally I don’t see the advantage of doing this, other than a way of telling other people how awesome their hacking skills are. Most newer Android devices out there have specs that outmatch even the 3GS and costs less (unlocked), making it a moot point. I guess you could show off to your friends by running Android alongside the iPhone OS, but from a practical standpoint it’s just a waste of time.

But if you ever thought “I wonder if it could work…”, you now have your answer. The tech world gets crazier and crazier every single day =).