An Ad for Gamers

Gillette is such a n00b. Gillette, ever the enterprising company, decided to introduce a razor, the Gillette Fusion Power Gamer Razor, for, of all demographics, GAMERS.

Gillette Razor Gamer ad

Good, Bad idea, or downright Ugly marketing strategy? Was that tumbleweed blowing by? Oh no, that was a ball of shaving cream.

Either way, the razor, which boasts of delivering its most comfortable shave, is now available, much to the chagrin of most gamers who even bother to notice it.

The razor, and its accompanying marketing strategy, has managed to garner attention from gamers. Their response has so far been a mix of mild amusement, indignation, tinged with annoyance. You can actually hear the gamers’ world-weary sigh reserved for n00bs who are about to embarrass themselves due to their lack of knowledge and, most importantly, their inability to realize it.

A RAZOR, of all things. The look on the faces of those sports celebrities at the launch of the razor says it all. Check it out!

Sports celebrities

Pardon me, but I still cannot believe how corny it is for a corporation like Gillette to introduce a razor specifically targeting gamers in this manner. Perhaps Gillette is using the old adage, bad publicity is better than no publicity.

There is even a little webcomic on punning the razor, and some of the user reviews on left me laughing out loud!

Parody comic

More on this whole advertising in games issue heading your way, but for now, it is time for our Gamer World vocabulary lesson of the day.

Today, we will examine the word n00b, or noob. For gamers, it is a slightly derogatory slang that refers to newbies, itself a slang term used for newcomers to online gaming. Being labeled a noob would mean that the person is clueless, lacking in knowledge, or worse, totally oblivious to the fact that he or she is ACTUALLY clueless.

So now you know what it means, and I am sure you will agree and join me when I say once again that Gillette is such a n00b.

Now let’s go frag Gillette for being so silly.