Eye-Fi 4GB Explore Video and Share Video cards

Eye-Fi devices are pretty interesting. For those who don’t know, they have previously released a 2GB SD-card which is able to magically hook to nearby wireless spots and upload photos on the card directly to online photo hosting sites such as Flickr.

Eye Fi

Of course, it’s not magic but a little bit of techno wizardry. The Eye-Fi card is simply a small flash module (like the microSD) squeezed together with a very very small Wi-Fi module and then packaged into the form factor of an SD-card.

You simply put it into any gadgets which can accept an SD-card and it sees the Eye-Fi as just a regular card that has 4GB of capacity. The magic happens when the Wi-Fi module detects a nearby wireless network and logs on, effectively gaining access to the Internet. Then, depending on how you set it up, it will automatically upload photos that you have taken on the SD-card on your favorite photo-sharing website.

Of course, these new Explore Video and Share Video cards will do video uploads to YouTube and/or Flickr in addition to doing photo uploads, so you can snap these into your digital camcorder and have instant access to your videos from around the world moments after you finish taking them.

The more expensive Explore Video will even be able to geo-tag all your images and/or videos as you capture them, making it even more impressive and an obvious choice to give yourself the geo-tagging ability without having to shell out more money for a new phone/camera/camcorder with that function, which would probably cost an arm and a leg.

Geotagging is fast becoming the must-have feature for many people with Apple’s new iLife being able to take advantage of the GPS information embedded into your photos to generate a map with pins of where they are taken. Pretty soon the feature will probably trickle down to mass consumer software such as Picasa and the Eye-Fi is a cheap little device that will allow you to jump on this new trend.