Blogging & Law Conference

Anyone can start a blog.

And if you do, you can also get sued and even worse spend a few months in jail, as we have seen in the case of Raja Petra Kamarudin of MalaysiaToday.

As a blogger, how well do you know your legal rights?

Law Conference

Malaysia Law Portal has organized a Law Conference called Blogging & Law. Experienced lawyers and law bloggers will be talking about issues such as:

  • Is it OK to link to other blogs?
  • Can you use pictures found in a Google Image Search or other websites?
  • What to do if people claim that you have infringed their copyright?
  • Can you ask someone to remove a link to your blog?
  • What can you do about defamation or if someone says nasty things about you?

If you are a blogger in Malaysia, this is a great opportunity for you to be aware of your legal rights and obligations. You should become a better and more responsible blogger after attending the conference hopefully.

The conference will be held in University Malaya this weekend.

Date: Saturday, 14 March 2009
Time: 09.30am to 12.30pm
Venue: Auditorium Tun Mohd Suffian, UM Law Faculty

Admission is FREE. Click here for the big poster.