The requested operation requires elevation

You might run into this message “The requested operation requires elevation” when you are trying some naughty commands in Windows Vista. Refer to the screen shot below which comes up if you ran the ipconfig /flushdns command.

The requested operation requires elevation

Well, you get this message because you do not have enough privilege or permission to run the command, even if you were the administrator of the computer. Yes, Windows Vista is that stubborn; or has high security as Bill Gates says.

To get rid of this problem, you basically need to open the command prompt differently. Instead of opening the command prompt like how you usually do, you need to run the command prompt specifically as an administrator. To do this, you need to right click on the Command Prompt shortcut and select Run as administrator!

Confused? Let me show you a screen shot and you will understand better.

Run as administrator

After that, run your commands that you failed to run previously. You should face no further problems. Now, tell me, you love or hate Windows Vista?