Chinese New Year fiesta at Bandar Bukit Puchong

It was such a fun filled day at Bandar Bukit Puchong today because the developer of this township threw a great fiesta in celebration of the Chinese New Year. The so called Prosperity Fun Fiesta started as early as 11:30am but I wasn’t able to make it before 1:30pm so I unfortunately missed the lunch […]

Meet my handsome and gorgeous tech guru

Let’s forget about Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, and making money online for a moment. It’s tiring to think all these. Google is making life exciting for us, it has recently demoted PageRanks for a lot of bloggers and websites… I see more PR demotion than promotion. Not only that, Google has just made AdSense units […]

Crazy eight meme

Let’s forget about tech for today and do something different, shall we? Tech bloggers do have something not so tech to tell. Wuching tagged me with this Eight Meme, and since he’s such a nice fella from Sibu, I shall not disappoint him. So, here goes the eight pieces of trivia about Kitkat! 8 THINGS […]

I have a tiger on my desktop

How does the subject of this post sound? Is it enough to get your attention to click? 🙂 Actually, Wuching wants to take a break to see how my desktop looks like, so I have to make a screen shot and show it here. Surprisingly, there is no sexy chicks nor pretty girls. Only a […]

Bandar Bukit Puchong family day

It’s time to get away from the usual gadget posts. Today is a big day for Bandar Bukit Puchong 2 residents especially families with kids because this community was having this family day thingy which they called “Sukaneka Kemerdekaan 50” in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th independence. I just got back from the park where they […]

Earn money selling tattoo ads on your body

I know this may not be the latest news now, but I believe some of you will definitely find this interesting. Why? Because I am showing you a way to make easy money. Yes, better than writing sponsored posts or making Adsense websites. What do you need to do? Well, nothing other than a bit […]

I went to see a doctor

Let’s take a break from the boring tech posts today, because I have something more exciting to share with you. Yesterday, I was down with a fever and had to go visit a doctor. You say this is more exciting than tech tips or not? 🙂 Anyway, because it’s late evening and no other patients […]