Earn money selling tattoo ads on your body

I know this may not be the latest news now, but I believe some of you will definitely find this interesting. Why? Because I am showing you a way to make easy money. Yes, better than writing sponsored posts or making Adsense websites. What do you need to do? Well, nothing other than a bit of pain on your arm…

Body advertising

Just like this arm which belongs to Joe Tamargo, who sells ad space on his own skin to advertisers who wish to advertise their products, services or websites. You may think that he’s crazy to permanently etch a tattoo like that for adverting purposes… but think again… why not if the pay is handsome?

Save Martha

This is another tattoo ad he did for “Save Martha! It’s a good thing. SaveMartha.com” which earned him US$510. This multicolored ad was placed on his lower right arm. Check out more about the 33-years-old Joe Tamargo on his website http://www.livingadspace.com.

Check out this video showing all his body ads. This is more exciting than watching Fear Factor!

So, how much do you want to pay to place a tattoo ad on my arm?… Or another part of my body? Haha… but other body parts more expensive OK?!