I went to see a doctor

Let’s take a break from the boring tech posts today, because I have something more exciting to share with you. Yesterday, I was down with a fever and had to go visit a doctor. You say this is more exciting than tech tips or not? 🙂

Anyway, because it’s late evening and no other patients other than myself, the doctor was not in his office. I think he was outside at a nearby coffee shop enjoying his evening coffee or something like that. So, I had some time to practice my photo taking with my camera phone.


That’s the doctor’s consultation room. Nice or not? If you had studied hard enough last time, you could then sit in an air-con room like this and earn big money!

Risks of heart attack

Some useful info on this advice on the wall – ricks of heart attack. Pretty scary, but these are the major risk factors: smoke, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and inactive lifestyle. The good news is I never smoke, and I exercise regularly. My figure is just nice!


OK, the doctor examined me and said there’s inflammation in my throat and prescribed me some medicine. I took the medicine from the pharmacy and cabut. I never liked staying long in a clinic because the bacteria there must be more than other places. By the way, they have a different nurse this time, prettier than the one I saw when I visited them last time. 🙂