Sony Unveils Cardboard Powered Battery

Batteries are used to run almost every electrical device we have, including our indispensable mobile devices. Imagine if batteries had never been invented, we would be solely dependent on wall sockets and wired technology. Batteries are not, however, that kind to the environment, and they have been known to suffer catastrophic failure occasionally. Sony has […]

Glass Keyboard and Mouse in the Making

As futuristic designs go, what looks most impressive would probably be see-through glass designs. If you’ve ever seen the conceptual glass phone design, you would know what I’m talking about. Now, with enough funding, this glass keyboard and mouse design will be coming to you through this Kickstarter page.

3D Printer Used To Make Bone Replacements

3D printers have been around for a while, being used for all kinds of reasons, including to print chocolate. A recent development on our beloved 3D printer however, is that it is now being used to create a material that is “bone-like” and researchers say it could be used to mend your bones.

Contact Lenses Able To Beam Info Straight To Your Eyes

We’ve seen them in science fiction, put on a pair of contact lenses, and someone could be communicating with you by using the lenses as a display surface. Researchers at the University of Washington and Finland’s Aalto University have developed a prototype, and recently they have sucessfully tested this lens on rabbits that have undergone […]

MIT Makes Computer Chip That Works Like a Human Brain

One of the worst fears the people might have of robots would probably be if one day they end up replacing us, sometime in the future. Sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie? Maybe not, with this computer chip that is able to mimic the human brain’s ability to learn new tasks.

Invisible Glass Could Reduce Glare Significantly for your Handheld Device

Digital displays dominate our lives, from our small digital devices to large television screens. While not a problem with large displays, as they are hardly moved around, glare can be rather disadvantageous for our handheld devices. To solve this problem of glare, Nippon Electric Glass Co Ltd has developed an “invisible glass” that exhibited last […]

Olly: Gives You A Whiff Of The Web

There have been many ways people have tried to add the sense of smell to what we see and hear through the TV or monitor. Imagine being able to smell a field of lavender, or that delicious steak being prepared. Perhaps to some it might sound like a bad idea, but maybe it’s just able […]

Student Developed App Turns Tablet Into Braille Writer

There have been many modern advances that have tried to make technology more accessible to the disabled. Certainly, there have been some companies that have tried to design specialised touchphones for the blind, and even proper laptops with Braille keys are much too expensive and rarely very useful in everyday situations. So perhaps this new […]

iLuv’s WorkStation Docks Aim to turn your iPad2/Galaxy Tab into a PC

As a owner and user of a tablet I’m always looking for ways to increase usability on my device. Sometimes I can’t help but want a keyboard to type better on, or maybe some speakers to share some of my music around. Perhaps one of the most interesting docks out there is iLuv‘s WorkStation Series, […]

Ecko Zip Earbuds Lets You Play Music Through A Zipper

Form and functionality don’t always go hand in hand, but when they do, the results are usually spectacular. That can definitely be said for the new line of ECKO UNLTD earbud headsets, which allows you to listen to your favourite tunes, without having to worry about your cords tangling up everywhere.