iLuv’s WorkStation Docks Aim to turn your iPad2/Galaxy Tab into a PC

As a owner and user of a tablet I’m always looking for ways to increase usability on my device. Sometimes I can’t help but want a keyboard to type better on, or maybe some speakers to share some of my music around.

Perhaps one of the most interesting docks out there is iLuv‘s WorkStation Series, which really aims to give you all you need to add on to your tablet device, to make it a PC.

The docks mimic a desktop PC, giving you all that a regular old PC offers. The iMM737 comes complete with a wired keyboard (with iOS function keys for you iPad users) that stows away in the dock’s base when you need to clear that keyboard away. There is also a tilting/rotating bracket on which your tablet device is mounted, for easy customization, and also some built-in speakers for your audio needs.

The iMM737

The iMM517 offers an adjustable slate holder and also a Bluetooth keypad. There’s also the iLuv iCK826/iSK912 Professional WorkStation Portfolio case, that somes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard, that can easily slot into a clamshell iPad carry-case. iLuv is also offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 version of this case, with each respective keyboard having OS-specific shortcut keys.

The iMM517 (left), iSK912 (top right) and iCK826(bottom right)

All these docks and devices certainly sound like a treat, and their price ranges from between $49.99 to $179.99. The majority of these will be released next month and the iLuv iMM737 WorkStation Dock is slated for release in November.

Looking at these docks and wireless keyboards makes me feel like getting one for myself too. Maybe it’s time I invested in a wireless keyboard, for my typing comfort.