Save Paper With Toshiba’s Erasable Toner

Photocopying has been one of the more cheaper and simpler ways of creating physical copies of documents. It’s not the best paper saver though, especially when misprints have been made. Yes, sure you can use the under side of the misprint, but mess up twice and the paper will go into the recycle bin. Now […]

SpeechJammer: Physically Disables You From Talking

Speaking comes naturally to people, and unless one is disabled, there shouldn’t be any problem with one voicing out opinions and ideas. Unless of course you were pointed at with this SpeechJammer device.

Robot Fish That Real Fish Follow

In a bout of weird technology, we see humanoid robots that so resemble humans, when put next to them they are difficult to tell apart from their human counterparts. All is clear however, when you start to interact with these robots. Fish however, seem to be much easier to fool. A pair of scientists from […]

Spray-On Antenna: Extend Your Signal Anywhere

There are plenty of products that come in spray cans, from food items to paint, fragrances to cheese. There’s nothing unique about the spray can, and pretty much everyone’s used one before. So putting this convenience with increasing your phone signal, Chamtech Enterprises has unveiled the spray-on antenna at Google’s Solve for X recently.

iModela 3D Milling Machine: Mini 3D Sculptor

With more and more interest being generated on 3D printing, there’s still a relatively high hurdle to be crossed, with current 3D printers being still so pricy. Roland’s new iModela 3D mill will hopefully change this, offering up users the chance to make their own 3D objects at home.

Fujitsu Lifebook: With Removable Smartphone, Tablet And Camera

Gadgets are now part and parcel of our lives, especially with portable devices that we are becoming more and more dependent upon. With laptops, smartphones, tablets and cameras are carried around by almost anyone. As single devices however, they function well, but is your smartphone able to allow you the accessibility of a laptop? Or […]

Sparecell Phone That’s Able To Run For 15 Years

Imagine this scenario: you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you car has probably broken down and you’re very far away from any civilization. The only thing that can connect you to the outside world for your rescue would be your mobile phone, provided you can get a signal. Now how long will this phone […]

Vending Machine That Serves Adults Only

Vending machines are seen everywhere, and they are able cater to our needs even when the shops are closed. As it is, there’s probably a vending machine out there for just about anything, from umbrellas to underwear. Recently, Kraft Foods is moving on new trend, with their vending machine that serves free samples, but only […]