Cuil takes on Google

“Search 121,617,892,992 web pages” – That’s the one liner that caught my eyes when I found out about Cuil. Cuil is a brand new search engine developed by an ex Googlers, Anna Patterson. Anna is not on her own though, along with her husband, Tom Costello, and two other former Google engineer, Russell Power and […]

Fake Name Generator

You are on a Top Secret Government Mission tonight. Your action will be your responsibility, if you get caught, the country will disregard you and you will be completely on your own. All the necessary equipments are ready, and soon you’ll be on your way. But alas, they forgot to give you a new identity! […]

5 reasons to love Playstation 3 (and why you should get one now)

Playstation 3 was once known as the most expensive, over-priced next generation games console. This lasted for a while, before people started to find out the real potential of Playstation 3. This is not only a game console, it’s a computer, an entertainment center (and a high-def too!) and with the firmware upgrades Sony has […]