5 reasons to love Playstation 3 (and why you should get one now)

Playstation 3 was once known as the most expensive, over-priced next generation games console. This lasted for a while, before people started to find out the real potential of Playstation 3. This is not only a game console, it’s a computer, an entertainment center (and a high-def too!) and with the firmware upgrades Sony has launched, has boost Playstation 3 console sales figure through the roof! Playstation 3 is packed with quite some serious punches and features that, once known, will make the price tag seems a lot more reasonable. I know so because in the past, I wasn’t interested to buy a Playstation 3, but now, I’m a proud owner of one. Read on why.

5 reasons why PS3

1. Yellow Dog Linux
No, this doesn’t involve a yellow colored dog and putting it beside, or worse, on top of your Playstation 3. Yellow Dog Linux by Terra Soft Solutions is a well-known, PS3 approved Linux distribution. So what’s the big deal? Well, first, Linux is free, so while installing another OS into your Playstation 3 is not officially recommended (although it is legal), combined with a USB keyboard, and a USB mouse, and voila! you’ve got yourself an ultra-cool, sleek looking “PC” to do your day-to-day activities such as browsing, chatting, and office works.

Need a break? Just switch back and enter the Playstation 3 realm once again (yeah, installing Yellow Dog Linux doesn’t mean losing your Playstation 3 capabilities to play games). Installation guide can be found on YDL’s support page, or you can just Google it up. There are plenty of people who wrote a guide on how to put a yellow dog on your Playstation 3… err.. I mean, installed Yellow Dog Linux on your Playstation 3.

2. Upgradable HDD
A lot says that the 60GB version of Playstation 3 is the masterpiece of all the versions. Mainly because the complete features (memory slot, reasonably big storage, backward compatibility with PS2 games) but yeah, all good things comes to an end. It’s hard to get your hand on one nowadays because of some obvious reason, it’s not being produced anymore. So, you’re doomed? Not really. Get yourself a 40GB version, upgrade the HDD yourself (which is fairly easy, heaps of tutorials online) and voila! A Playstation 3 with big storage within your budget. Not to mention the other 4 reasons I’m writing here. Tutorial can be found here (thanks CNET!)


3. Streaming media
Have lots of media files in your PC? Music, movies, photos? Latest Playstation 3 firmware supports live streaming. With the help of an application called TVersity, you will be able to stream movies (avis, mpegs, wmvs, and more) to your Playstation 3, along with your songs collection. As for images, beside watching slideshow of my favorite photos, I use my Playstation 3 to watch mangas too (that means Bleach and Naruto in HD!)

4. Entertainment center
This is a no secret. Playstation 3, beside being a wonderful, splendid next generation console, is the ultimate Blu-Ray player too. And since Toshiba’s HD DVDs has lost the war, you can rest assured that there will be heaps of titles waiting to be released in Blu-Ray format in the near future.

Gran Turismo 5

5. Exclusive games
Playstation 3 has some serious line ups. Despite the slow start, Playstation 3 has improved a lot since then. Titles like Uncharted – Drake’s Fortune, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 5, Gran Turismo 5 just to name a few are the most played games on Playstation 3. Along with the tilt sensitive Six Axxis controller (now comes in Dual Shock flavor too!), Playstation 3 definitely has improvised and worth considering to get one.

So there you are, 5 reasons why you should love a Playstation 3, and why you should get one now. To fully enjoy the benefits of high definition gaming and movies, you might consider purchasing a High Def LCD TV too. HD LCD TV price tag has gone down over the years, and is relatively cheap nowadays. If you are really on a tight budget, a 19in or 22in should be enough to see what a Playstation 3 is capable of. Just make sure the LCD TV has a HDMI input. I used to have a 19in LCD before upgrading to a 37in one. Now I can write this blog on a 37in high definition LCD screen! AWESOME! 🙂