Leap Motion


Have you ever seen in some movies, like Iron Man, where Tony Stark (starring Robert Downey Jr) interacts with his super smart computer using only hands and gesture motion. Or in some of the television series like CSI: Miami, where these investigators use their hand motion to interact with the computers. Want to have those feeling of excitement?

This tiny interesting device is called Leap Motion. This device will make you experience something you never felt before. Its introduction video is enough to show you what this device could possibly do.


Just plug in this device to your PC using USB cable and prepare to be amazed. For now, leap Motion is compatible with Microsoft Windows 8 and Apple Max OS X. With the size of your broadband, you can almost do anything with this device without even touch your keyboard or mouse.


Feel like trying this device and have fun with it? Yes, you can!

You can just browse to its website and pre-order the development kit. The kit comes with the device and the USB cable.

Now to think of this, since there is a lot of technology changes, are humans now become lazier than ever?

Source: Leap Motion