Future Gaming Technology


Video games nowadays have become more and more advance. Lots of advanced technology have been used in order to fulfill the users’ satisfaction. Joysticks, game controllers also plays the important parts in bringing the game to life.


Now attention you hardcore gamers, prepare to be amazed!

This is Oculus Rift. It is a Virtual Reality gaming device that will make you feel that you are really in the game and blow your mind.


Oculus Rift was invented by Oculus VR, a company based in Irvine, California. This device was created by virtual reality enthusiast and hardware geek, also a founder of the company,  Palmer Luckey.

This is the reaction of people who have tested the device. this incredible device is not just impressing the eye, but could also influence the users’ body movement since they are “in the game”.


For starters, Doom 3 BFG version is the first Oculus-ready game and many more games will come soon. To get this development kit, you can just go to their website and order one.

Prepare to be amazed and experience the awesomeness.

Source: Oculus VR