Outdoor Gadgets


Are you an adventurous person? Are you in love with sweet mother nature? You love camping, jungle trekking or any outdoor activities but afraid that you don’t have the extra tools needed? Now you don’t have to worry anymore. These hi-tech gadget will help you get through all those problems.

Eton Scorpion

Now this device is not just an ordinary gadget. It is a flashlight and also a weather AM/FM radio. It could also charge your smartphones, just plug in your smartphone with this device and your phone will charge. Most exciting part is, this flashlight doesn’t even need a single battery. It either use solar energy or your hand crank. Now talk about green devices right?

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System

This is a must have item for you to have while you discover mother nature. Know this fact, deep in the jungle, clear water doesn’t mean it is safe to drink. This device can filter the water and remove any possibilities for you to get sick, a good item.

PowerMonkey Extreme

Yes, whether you’re in the jungle exploring, you can’t still live without your smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, the battery usage would be the main problem. introducing PowerMonkey Extreme, a 9000mah solar-charging power bank for your device. This gadget can charge your device up to more than 7 times. Now this is what we would call, a “Hope”.

Victorinox Expidition Kit

A awiss army knife is a normal item that people bring when they do outdoor activities but this gadget is not a normal swiss army knife. This multi-tool kit has 41 functions including LED light, thermometer, built-in digital watch and lots more.

Sony Digital Recording Binoculars

Its good to capture every good memory when you’re in the jungle. Its even better if u could capture pictures even if you’re far away. Now you can do that with this hi-tech gadget, no matter how far you are, this gadget will capture all your memory.

Source: HongKiat