Huggies TweetPee


This would be the funniest yet the cutest invention ever made. Hey you future parents, this is a “must have” item for your future list.

This is TweetPee, a new invention made by Huggies, company that is famous for its baby diapers products. Tweetpee is a censor device with wireless antenna that is clipped at the front part of your baby’s diaper.

So whenever your baby is “doing business”, it can monitor the moisture of your baby’s diaper and send the notification to your tweeter account so that you can put aside your mobile phones for a while and do your job as a parent. Not all babies cry when their diapers are wet.

TweetPee also could monitor the number of diapers that you have been using and it even has an ordering function so that you can prepare with a new stock. For now, it seems that the TweetPee system is only available in Portuguese.

Does this invention is the one that you really need in your life?

Do you think that it will be beneficial since the technology is changing so fast ?

Or does Huggies already discovers the beginning of the human laziness?

Source: TweetPee