Google Has Done It… Again


Everybody knows Google, the most famous search engine on the internet. You can search anything on Google. When your friend ask you something that you didn’t know the answer, you would easily say, lets Google it. Google also is the developer for Android OS, the operating system for smartphones. The latest invention by Google is the Google Glass, the unique glasses that can almost do whatever you want. But is there anything else that Google has created beside all these inventions?


Meet Google Driverless Car, the car that can drive itself automatically without any control from the driver. Now this is far more better and logic rather than flying car fantasy.

Google Driverless Car was invented before the introduction of Google Glass but somehow they didn’t really introduce much of this driverless car. Driverless car is good when you take a long distance driving, you don’t need to stop anywhere to have some rest, just key in the destination and your car will drive itself.

Gov. Brown Signs Legislation At Google HQ That Allows Testing Of Autonomous Vehicles

How Google Driverless Car works?

Well, the combination of software and hardware have made it capable of driving on its own instead of driven by a driver manually. the laser on top of the car detects the surroundings, other cars, roads for better driving.


The GPS technology in this car is really important in making the car move automatically to the exact location.


All the cameras, lasers scanner, radars that installed in this driverless car have their very own functions. Combine all together, this car can move and drive as if it is being manually driven by human.

Although this car has been tested for years and collecting data more than 250 00 miles, there is still no hint from Google that they want to introduce this invention to the market.

Source: Slashgear