Wind Based Sculpture


Some may call it cool, some just call it creepy, some are just saying its the future and kids call it a monster. But for him, he just call it a new form of life.

This is Theo Jansen, a guy with an interesting background. He was born in 1948, Scheveningen in Netherland. There is so much interesting biography on him. He is a teacher, writer, an artist, a lecturer and he is well-known for his kinetic sculpture. In his early years, he was involved with many projects which included the art and technology. These includes wall painting and UFO projects.



His Projects on UFO nearly “cause a riot”. He built his own UFO using PVC because the PVC is light and was cheap at that time. He created a 4 meter wide flying saucer filled with helium.

The UFO was launched over Delft during daylight and since the sky was bright at that time, the surface of the UFO became black and its hard to guess the size of it. Some said that it was over 30 meter wide and some claimed they saw a halo around it. Theo Jansen later brought his project to Paris.



This is his latest invention. Its called Strandbeest or in English called ‘Beach Beast’. These inventions was introduced in 1990 and has been developed and slowly evolved since then. This is the invention that he would call a new form of life. These kinetic sculptures were made of PVSs and only need wind to move. They didn’t even use a singe kind of electricity to operate.

Theo Jansen uses empty water bottles to store the wind and make the Strandbeests move. The stronger the wind blows, the faster these strandbeest can go.



Theo placed his strandbeests in the beach area where it is easier to get wind thus the area is wide and compatible with his creations.

Since the invention of his strandbeests, he has been invited to give talks and lectures about his creations. the combination of art and technology has made his inventions to be one of the most original and unique inventions ever made.

Apart of it, he also created mini sized strandbeest ready with installation kit, to be sold to people who want to explore more about his new form of life invention.

Could this invention be useful in the future or just a thing passing through beaches? Who knows.