The Future is Near


Ever heard of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ? Well, UAV (or commonly known as Drone) is basically an aircraft vehicle without using human pilot to control the flight, but instead, the pilot controls it by using a remote control. Drones are often used in military applications despite the use of them could save lives from unpredictable attacks.

We rarely see UAVs flying around. Some may think that this is just a propaganda made by government or military department to “scare” people. But it is NOT. Some countries at war have seen hundreds of these drones.

Most games like Call of Duty : Modern Warfare and Call of Duty : Black Ops have include UAVs in their games. Movies like Bourne Legacy(2012) starring Jeremy Renner also had a movie scene where he was attacked by the UAV.

But don’t get pumped up yet, this post is not about UAV.

Now this is what we call the future. This tiny little airplane is called Autonomous Agile Aerial Robots. This robot is invented by KMel Robotics, a company owned by two graduates from University of Pennsylvania, Alex Kushleyev and Daniel Mellinger. So far, they’ve already built 5 types of robots:






What’s the differences between Autonomous Agile Aerial Robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)?

Autonomous Agile Aerial Robots is basically related with UAV. However, the UAVs are big, they even weighed thousands of pounds, and of course are not agile. They’re not even autonomous and in fact as mentioned before, these vehicles are operated by flight crews, that include multiple pilots and mission coordinates.

Whereas for these tiny robots, the name “Autonomous Agile Aerial Robots” already given the picture of what these robots could do. There is no need for flight crew, just a computer operations to fly them. their sizes are also small, giving them the ability to move quick. They don’t require GPS coordinates at all.

What can these robots do?

Robots like these have many applications. you can send them to side buildings as first responses, to look for intruders, maybe look for gas leak. They also can be used to search victims who are trapped inside small space, making the work for the rescue teams become easier.

These robots can also be used to pickup payloads and build structure. All these can be done without the helps from the pilot.

One special feature that can be seen in these robots is that their ability to “figure out things on their own”.

You see, this autonomous robot only understand how to go from point A to point B without the GPS coordinates. But with the help from the camera and laser scanner attached to it, this robot can figure out what the best point B is without crashing at all. Surprisingly, it can even create a map. This is very helpful in case if you lost in some places.

robot making map
There are many applications that these robots can do. In the future, people might really need this kind of help.

Source: KMel Robotics