It’s already 2013, where are the Flying Cars?


The dream of having flying cars has been existed since the 1980s. We saw a flying car in the movie Back to The Future starring Michael J Fox and his DeLorean supercar. We all dream that someday there is a technology that can make flying cars. But now we’re already in the year 2013, the movie was almost 30 years back, where are the flying cars?

Let us just stop dreaming about flying cars. Because there will be NO such thing as flying cars, flying cars will NEVER get invented.


Because you just cannot defy gravity. When we talk about flying cars, we usually think about cars that can easily lift off, fly away from busy traffics and go wherever they want. That is called a flying car.

There are many projects on flying cars but none of them can really be called flying cars because they are actually airplanes.

Here’s the deal… anything powered by a motor or engine that flies with the use of fixed wings is called Airplane. It doesn’t matter if the wings can be folded up, it is still an airplane. It’s the laws of gravity and physics, where you need wings to control the movement and the unpredictable air flows coming your way. So basically these “flying car” projects are just small airplanes that can be ride on roads.

These are some “flying car” projects:

Moller Skycar
moller-skycar skycar_468x303

Volante Flying Car

fig3 volante-two-airborn
Cool right? But these are not flying cars. For example, just give these “flying cars” to ten drivers and see how they test drive the cars. It is impossible to drive these type of cars on the road because you need to open the wings and maybe some distance so that these “flying cars” could fly. So they are just the same as airplanes.

Unless if you really want to have flying cars without the wings, then there should be some drastic changes in technology.

The new technology invented was the Maglev Train, “floating train” that uses magnetic force to lift it.

This video shows how the Maglev Train works:

If someday all the roads in the world are change to magnetic roads and all the cars have the magnetic technology, maybe we can have our flying cars like the one in Total Recall movie.

total-recall-poster chrysler-200-commercial-total-recall-video-47859_1
Source: Google+, Techcrunch