Microsoft Imagine Cup


Imagine Cup by Microsoft is the world’s premier student technology competition. It gives the opportunity for students to enhance their unique ideas and turn them into reality. Students also get to solve challenges and problems provided to them. In turn, Microsoft offers lucrative prizes and even a chance to meet with the big wigs in Microsoft.

Over the past 10 years, more than 1.65 million students from all over the world have participated in this competition and for this year, the final competition will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Each year, the theme for the competition would be different. The purpose is to enhance the capability of the students’ creative thinking and their ability to come out with innovative products, system and applications.


Imagine Cup 2012 Champion. Category: Software Design

This is Team QuadSquad from Ukraine. They are the champion for the Software Design category.

Their project was called Enable Talk. The innovation meant that mute people can transmit their sign language through their mobile phones, recognize the patterns and then transfer the signs into audio.

Below is their introduction video.

What can I get if I enter this competition?

Well, the prize for this year is the biggest in the history of Imagine Cup. Microsoft is giving away USD$300,000 in prizes for the winners…. a lot if you are a student.

If you get to the finals, you also get the chance to visit the historic landmark of St Petersburg… all paid for by Microsoft.

In addition, if you are the winner, you might get to meet with the world’s top investors and with people who are interested with your project. Thinking of wooing some venture caps for your next big idea?

What do you need to do to get into this competition?

Well, first thing first, you must be a student and at least 16 years old. Create a team of your own, develop your own interesting software/games/apps and compete with other teams in your country. There will only be one winner in each country and the winner will represent their country and compete at the finals in St Petersburg.

Imagine Cup by Microsoft is a good way to explore students’ creativity as well as learn what is inside their mind. After all, creative students are the future of technology.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this chance and you could be the next champion!

For further information, feel free to visit Imagine Cup.