Customise your Keys with Modular Keyboard

Keyboards are essential for fast word processing and I am sure we are all familliar with our favourite qwerty keyboards. Familiarity with the location of the keys is needed for fast typing, but maybe this puzzle keyboard is what you need for maximum ease.

Designer Wan Fu Chun has come up with this concept of a fully customisable modular keyboard that lets you take apart all the keys and re-arrange them however you like.

Take away the keys that you don’t need or use often and place keys where they are easiest to reach. You can put the escape key next to the space-bar or put function keys closer to your reach when using your favourite program.

The Puzzle Keyboard should be especially useful for people who have sustained finger injuries or put together to provide wrist relief. The keyboard can also be built to interact with mobile devices and the personalised arrangements are supposed to provide the user with more efficient typing.

One of the downsides that I can see is that you would never be able to share your keyboard with anyone if they keys have been re-arranged so much that it does not carry a shred of resemblance to a qwerty keyboard. On the other hand that means that no one can attempt to spill coffee on your keyboard except yourself, which is a pretty good thing. Now if only they can incorporate this idea with that waterproof keyboard