Never Worry About Spills With Logitech’s Washable Keyboard

Keyboards are essential in everyday computing, whether it’s for typing a URL, a blog post or an IM message. Although there are other methods of text input in computers today, I believe most will agree with me when I say that the keyboard is still the fastest way to input text into your computer.

When working though, our electronics should be always be kept far away from liquids, but with Logitech’s keyboard all your worries of spillage can be put to rest with their K310 washable keyboard.

For those who think it is essential to have a cup of café, water or any other beverage next to you as you work, this should be the perfect item. In fact this durable little accessory is able to withstand quite a beating.

The K310 can be submerged up to about 27cm of water and have drainage holes for faster drying. It is also able to stand water over 50°C. As for those who are worried that the lettering on the keys will fade, fear not as they are laser printed and UV coated to last repeated washings. It should be noted that the USB cable attached should not be made wet, so this is definitely not dishwasher safe.

This nifty keyboard is now available in the US for US$40 and will soon hit the European continent in the beginning of next month.

I definitely needed this when I spilt coke all over my desktop keyboard!