Samsung’s S Health Services Monitors Your Weight, Blood Sugar

Samsung is most well known now for their line of electronics, especially so for their mobile phones with their release of the Galaxy SIII.

Along with that unveiling comes the S Health, that has now launched in Samsung’s home country and subsequently in the UK as well.

Being healthy should be on the top everyone’s priority list, and with apps like these, it just makes it so much easier to keep on track as you monitor just how well you’re doing. The app is able to connect to Bluetooth and USB to health devices like heart-rate monitors and digital scales.

What’s great about the app is that it records and graphs your ups and downs, including your weight, with its aim to help you “control” what you eat and how much you exercised.

Motivation is the key factor in maintaining a healthy weight, as being able to read success stories of others can certainly help boost you along. Users can link up to social networks like twitter to update others on your health.

The app is also useful for people who need to monitor their conditions or who need regular medication intake reminders.

Currently the app is available through Samsung’s App hub in the company’s homeland and an English version is also available in the UK.

Health apps are aplenty in the market, but Samsung’s S Health certainly seems to be a strong contender. Although it does seem to be promoting the Galaxy SIII alongside with the app, I look forward to seeing if the app will live up to its name and keep users more healthy.