Livscribe’s Sky Wifi Smartpen Records Your Writing & Audio, Puts it in Cloud Storage

The humble pen is one of our most useful inventions, but in this digital age, it seems like this tool has been put to the wayside.

Livescribe is trying to turn this around by putting out their Sky WiFi Smartpen that allows you to record your written notes and audio into your Evernote account through WiFi.

This smartpen works quite simply with a camera that sits next to the nib that records what you write and a microphone that records what you say. Use it with the proprietary stationary and it will record every word, sketch and sound you want it to.

Audio recording is done simultaneously while you write, which is good in case you forget what you wanted to take note of, provided someone is talking to you while you are taking these notes.

Watch a video demo on how the Sky Smartpen works.

The Smartpen comes in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB storage models with 500mb dedicated cloud storage on your Evernote account.

The downsides of this pen may be its hefty price, with its base 2GB model costing US$170, and it’s 4GB and 8GB varieties costing US$200 and US$250 respectively. Personally I think I would just stick to the old pen, paper and scanner!