Bluetooth Bulb: Control Your Lights With A Smartphone

The humble light bulb has lighted our world for as long as its creation, providing light to our darkest corners. Every once in a while, this little invention gets a revamp, pinning new ideas to an old device.

This time, with the addition of ¬†Bluetooth 4.0, you’ll be able to control the light bulbs with your a smartphone.

Sure there have been many ways devised by man to control his light fixtures. I’m certain everyone would be familliar with the clapper device, that allows you to turn your lights on or off with the clap of a hand.

The future of light bulb technology now is the Bluetooth Bulb. By pairing your smartphone to one or more of these lights in your home, there will be wireless control via an app. Putting this device a step up from the old clapper, you can also control the bulb’s brightness, set them on a timer or change the ambiance of the room by changing the colour of the RGB bulb.

Watch the video demonstration of the Bluetooth Bulb here.

The bulbs are also touted to be environmentally friendly as it saves energy as well. As for replacing the bulbs when the burn out, every part is replacable and with no automation system required, setting up is as easy as screwing the blub into its socket.

Unfortunately the product is currently still just a patented prototype, but the creators are set on mass production somewhere down the line. I would love to switch to these bulbs, because then there will be no more need to get up out of bed to switch off the lights every night.