Interactive Advertising in Print Media

Advertisements today have to be either very well placed or very interesting to have proper appeal on the masses. Most print advertisements go ignored by readers and of course advertisers are always coming up with new ways to capture audiences.

None more can be said about CW Network‘s live twitter feed in Entertainment Weekly magazine and Lexus‘s animated ad in Sports Illustrated magazine.

The US cable network CW recently ran a very special ad in a limited edition of Entertainment Weekly that incorporated a screen that runs a live Twitter feed of the network’s Twitter account. The ad is basically an embedded LCD screen powered by an Android device that has 3G connectivity.

Watch the video of CW’s Live Tweet ad here.

The second interactive ad is from carmaker Lexus, in the US edition of Sports Illustrated, which works by combining a print ad with an iPad to create an AR experience for the reader. The iPad app projects an animation through the page when viewed in a darkened room. Lighting effects and music makes the ad come alive from the page.

Watch how the Lexus ad works here.

These ads are rather gimmiky, but it sure shows that people are trying to incorporate digital technology into old print media. How successful these ads are as a promotional tool is questionable, but I think they’re a creative way to make print ads entertaining.