Saline Powered No-Battery Lantern, Doubles as Charger

Hand held torchlights and lanterns are useful where you need to shine some light during an emergency, such as a power outage, but these are only as useful as the length of their battery life.

In a category all of its own, Japan’s Green House Co. Ltd. has come up with a lantern that runs solely on salt water. What’s even better, the device also doubles as a USB charger.

The perfect item that everyone should have for an emergency would be the “GH-LED10WBW”, a lantern that runs solely on salt water. It does not need any dry cell or rechargable battery for it to work. Once the salt solution is placed into a dedicated water bag, the lantern produces light.

The lantern can be lit for up to eight hours per charge of water. If you need continious light, just keep refilling with salt water. The electricity generator consists of a magnesium rod – negative electrode and a carbon rod – postitive electrode.

What is even more amazing is that the lantern doubles as a USB charger that allows users to charge their mobile phones or any other device to charge during a blackout. The lantern is going on sale this month.

I love green technology and this lantern is arguably one of the best inventions I’ve come across yet. It does what it’s supposed to and then some.