Moleskine and Evernote Team Up to Create Smart Notebook

When one thinks of a high quality notebook or sketchbook, what comes to mind first would be the Moleskine brand. Digital notebooks have also become increasing popular over the years with the advent of tablets and smartphones.

Match the two together and you have the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine and Evernote, with their online collocation and storage app that allows you to sync to different devices and browsers.

The Smart Notebook uses something called the Page Camera feature of the app to capture pages of the notebook with a smartphone or a tablet. The Smart Notebook comes in two types, ruled with dotted lines and squared with a grid. These are used as guidelines to ensure that the captured image is clean.

Along with the notebooks are Smart Stickers that are used for tagging to help keep your work organized and keep both digital and analogue data synced.

Watch a video here on how the Smart Notebook works.

One of these notebooks will cost US$24.95 for the smaller size and US$29.95 for the larger size. They also include 3 months of Evernote Premium membership, although there is a 4-6 week lead in time per order.

I’ve always loved Moleskine notebooks, although I do find them to be a little steep to buy. They certainly are the most high-quality sketchbooks and notebooks that I have ever come across. I do think it’s a pretty smart idea for the team-up as perhaps less people are taking notes manually and instead like to keep everything digital.