Intel & IDT Bringing Wireless Charging Tech In 2013

Charging up devices is essential in our daily lives as our technology becomes increasingly smaller and portable allowing us to bring with us our trusted mobile phones, tablets, computers, cameras, you name it.

Intel and Integrated Device Technology (IDT) are working together to make our lives more convenient by making wireless charging technology available by next year.

Normally, we would rely on our trusty chargers with a lengthy cable. Makers have also made lives easier with a unified port for data transfer and also for charging. Most phones today sport a standardised Micro USB port so that you can borrow a friend’s charger and still be able to charge up your phone.

Taking this one step further, IDT and Intel are working to provide us the reality of wireless resonance charging. With this technology, devices can be charged by just keeping it close to another device with a built-in charger.

As for practical use of such a technology, imagine never needing to charge up batteries for wireless keyboards and mice ever again. Although wireless charging have been around for quite a while now, there is no industry standard and not many companies have taken up to using it in their devices for lack of efficiency.

Looking further ahead, perhaps one day even electric vehicles may be able to be charged wirelessly, but until they can work out the kinks for an efficient system, maybe it isn’t the time to throw away your wired chargers just yet.