Poop-Powered Motorcycle Tours Japan

As far as alternative fuel sources to power our vehicles have gone, we have tried to harness from a variety of different sources, such as solar energy and electrical energy to keep those wheels turning.

Now, a stranger fuel is being used to power TOTO‘s Toilet Bike Neo: human excrement.

The Toilet Bike Neo will be touring Japan from Kyushu to Tokyo on its on-board biogas digester. The system works by using an anaerobic bacteria system that converts dead organic matter into a usable fuel consisting mostly of methane. What’s really interesting about the vehicle is that the ‘organic matter’ fueling it is to come directly from its’ rider.

The vehicle consists of a three-wheeled motorcycle, with a replaceable tank behind its seat, which is a toilet. Not only does the vehicle use some pretty strange fuel, it also writes messages in Japanese with LED lights, plays music and talks. So if you thought regular talking Japanese toilets are weird enough, imagine this one mounted on a motorcycle and drivable. There are plenty of topics the toilet bike can chat with you, including fortune-telling, stocks, even the weather!

The national tour around Japan started at the company’s Kitakyushu headquarters. The reason of the tour is to promote the company’s efforts to reduce CO2 emissions within the next six years.

Personally, I think this is some very interesting technology, especially with the usage of human waste a fuel source. I wonder how much ‘fuel’ is actually needed to get the motorcycle going. I think the rider better have a diet rich in fiber or he’ll be going nowhere!