Sharp Aquos Phone Hybrid 007SH, The Clamshell/Smartphone Hybrid

In this day and age, it seems almost everyone has done away with the humble clamshell phone and has opted to buy themselves a swanky touchscreen smartphone.

Although it looks like the clamshell phone has mostly lessened in popularity over the years, it still holds strong with the Japanese population.

This is probably why the Japanese company Sharp has come up with this Aquos Phone Hybrid 007SH that unites the smartphone with the clamshell design.

True to its design the Hybrid 007SH has a large 3.4 inch VGA (854 × 480) touchscreen display with 3D support and it runs on Android 2.3. It also hosts a 16 megapixel camera with HD video capture and is apparently waterproof and dustproof. My favourite part of the design has to be the display that is able to swivel 180-degrees around so that you can fold it over the keypad and use it as you would a regular smartphone.

The phone’s dimensions are about 51.8 × 113 × 19.3mm and weighs about 140g. Battery life lasts for approximately 230 minutes talk time, 300 hours standby time. MicroSD cards up to 32GB is supported, but the package is shipped with a 2GB card.

The handset slated for release in Japan in mid-June.

I’ve always loved these rather large Japanese clamshell phones and it’s just a beauty that they’ve designed this smartphone/clamshell hybrid. It’s just unfortunate that the phone is not available outside of Japan. I’d love to have this phone as my own!