Samsung AMOLED Foldable Display

As our technology advances, the size of our gadgets seem to have decreased, and the same can be said for our mobile devices too. As much as everyone loves wants their tablets and mobile phone displays to be large, there is sometimes still the issue of portability.

Here’s some very promising research from the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in South Korea that has realised the potential future of our displays by making this prototype of a seamless foldable display.

Foldable and flexible displays have been touted as the future of the mobile technology, but the problem with these kinds of displays is the creases that would eventually form.

The researchers from Samsung have eliminated this problem by demonstrating their new display, a seamless foldable active matrix organic-light-emitting-diode (AMOLED) display that shows no visible crease, even after 100,000 folding-unfolding cycles. The change in brightness at the fold only fell by about 6%, which is hardly detected by the human eye.

The researchers said that the key to making such a display involved using materials that have almost the same optical properties and are able to attach to each other without any optical property change.

Now imagine applying such technology to our everyday mobile devices such as portable gaming systems, mobile phones and table PCs. There one thing I want to see realised even more than this is actually a transparent display. Hopefully technology like this can be achieved in the next decade or so. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!