Diffus Solar Panneled Handbag for the Ladies

When we hear of high-tech products of some sort, they are usually not geared towards the female market. Either the design of the product is aimed more to the male market, or it is usually not done with women in mind.

The same could be said for the designs of solar-panel bags, and one such example would be the Quirky Trek Support Backpack, which while being a backpack, is certainly not a male-only item, but is most usually seen on men rather than women.

Diffus, a Danish design studio, is hoping to change that, and give the tech-savvy female population a solar-panelled handbag that not only looks great, but functions to store solar energy as well.

Rather than just slap solar panels on the side of the bag willy-nilly, Diffus has integrated 100 miniaturized solar panels into a sort of repeating pattern, not unlike the monograms of the most highly sought after handbags in the market. They may not look as unique or eye-catching as your Gucci or Louis Vitton, but they are fully functional panels that can harvest the energy of the sun.

During the day, the bag is able to generate up to 2 watts of power, which should be enough to charge most portable gadgets. Once the sun goes down, if there is any leftover energy stored in the lithium ion battery, it is redirected into optical fibers that glow when you open the bag. This is great for the girls because I know I’m always digging around my handbag or purse looking for my lipgloss or mascara, and usually having to resort to touch to find my things because of insufficient light.

So far no announcement has been made for the release and pricing of the handbag, but you can probably assume that the item isn’t going to be cheap going by the rate of these type of bags, but who knows? Maybe it might end up affordable, maybe not.