Flexible PaperPhone: The Future Flexible Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones today are multitasking machines that we all know and love, but let’s take it to another, more flexible level. In this case, it’s literal with the Flexible PaperPhone, the world’s first of its kind.

Developed by a team of researchers from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, they believe that this new communication device will make the current smartphone obsolete within 5 to 10 years.

The prototype is supposedly able to do what iPhone is able to, including storing your books, playing music and making calls from it. What’s different about the PaperPhone is, like it’s name, it’s paper thin. It only consists of a thin film of flexible e-ink display. It definitely won’t stick out like a sore thumb when you stuff it into your jeans pocket.

One of the best features of this PaperPhone and technologies like it is that it is almost weightless. Goodbye are the days of lugging around heavy laptops and tablet devices. Holding this device when reading would feel more like holding a piece of paper, rather than glass or metal.

Check out a video of the PaperPhone and also a wristband computer version known as the Snaplet.

With the advent of larger versions of these light, flexible e-ink displays, we can even do away with the need of paper and printers within an office in the near future. Imagine that, an office with no paper or printers!

Personally I’m very interested to find out how such new technologies are going to build or way to the future. Not too hot on the bend gestures, but I do like that the Snaplet has a mounted wacom tablet integrated into it.