Home-made Racing Cockpit within an Ottoman

Here’s one for you hardcore racing game fanatics who also love a bit of DIY. Gamer Lyscho from the OCAU Forums has built his very own racing cockpit that fits nicely within an ottoman.

Lyscho has taken a hollow ottoman with a lid, and has built a makeshift cockpit out of an old car seat, reverse-mounted pedals, steering wheel and gearstick peripherals. The cockpit is also fully adjustable to accommodate people with shorter or longer legs, with the seat, gearstick and steering wheel that can be slid forward and locked down.

The total dimensions of the ottoman/cockpit is only 1500mm x 500mm x 500mm.

I think this is awesome. It’s cheap (well, not counting the peripherals, but if you already have those on hand, it’s pretty inexpensive) and it certainly gets the job done. It even saves you space and doubles as perfectly usable furniture. Best of all, it takes very little time to assemble and disassemble, and you don’t have all your peripherals cluttering up your living room floor. This is as close as it comes to having a real car simulator in your living room.