Able2Extract PDF Converter

Nowadays there are a lot of software that helps you convert from MS Word to PDF format. But ever wonder how you can do the reverse? (ie convert from .pdf to .doc format)

Able2Extract Professional is no ordinary PDF converter software.  It can convert a PDF file into Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Openoffice, HTML, autoCad and image file which is quite remarkable.

This software is very user-friendly. When the software is opened, an easy to use tool bar is displayed. To use it, you just need to open a PDF file, select all to highlight the entire file and make a selection of which format to convert to (eg. Excel, Word etc).

Then a window will pop up requiring you to choose Standard or Custom conversion. Standard conversion is normally selected.  Once chosen the conversion will start and the percentage bar will show the amount converted until completed.

The example here is a PDF document which was converted to a Word file.

The end result is a MS Word document file. Notice there are both image and text in this file.  You can make changes on the text.  However the image cannot be altered.  It can only be deleted, copied or cut and paste some where else.

Check it out for yourself:
The original PDF file
The converted DOC file

Bear in mind this software has its limitations, it cannot convert a scanned PDF document with handwriting in it (which other free PDF converters can’t do also).  However it is better than most free PDF converters in terms of accuracy of converting to text.  As far as we can see, it is 100% correct.

In the case of converting a large file to a Word document (eg. converting 200 pages of PDF) it may take you more than 2 hours.

Anyway from our trial, we find it to be a decent PDF converter software especially the fact that it can convert into multiple formats.
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