Create Collages for your Desktop Background

Photo collages are super-cool and it’s also a pleasing visual effect for use in creating photo albums, presentations, and now you can do the same thing for your desktop background! The best part? Automatic creation of the collages and background rotation makes this collage software a must have download.

What am I talking about? Why, Thetawall of course!

Powerful Wallpaper Management & Multi-Monitor Screen Saver

For those who don’t know what a collage is, it is simply a collection of many photos rendered together into one image. Picasa 3 made it simple to create collages, either rendered as if it’s a pile of photos thrown down onto the floor or as a mosaic of different sized images that form a perfect rectangle.


Upon launching, you feed Thetawall the directory containing all your photos and it will scan through all of them. Now, with a click of a button, you will be able to set it to automatically generate collages and put them as your background. You can also set it to rotate the collage with different ones every set amount of time, to keep things fresh. It even supports multiple monitors, for those who have the luxury of working with more than one screen.

The program is completely free and is portable, requiring no installation. However, it does need .NET Framework 2.0, although most users should already have this installed on their system if they keep their Windows up to date.

It is an amazing effect and definitely will wow your friends when they see your computer.