Fonts and Typography

Little attention is being paid to fonts. Apple recognized the importance of having beautiful typography, which is why aesthetics play an important part of their product design cycle. Nowadays, people are starting to realize how fonts are important to generate quality in their work and have started to pay more attention to proper font selection.


There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing fonts for an assignment. There are thousands of fonts out there, with multiple categories such as serif, sans-serif, monospace, etc. It is a mind-boggling selection that is simple at first look; after all, we just choose one that looks best to us and use it.

Cfont Pro and AMP Font Viewer

This task can be accomplished by several free tools: Cfont Pro and AMP Font Viewer both of which are free, does them well for an unbeatable price. Both applications allows you to manage and display fonts installed on your computer and gives you many options to ‘test out’ a font to see it in actual usage rather than short previews. You can even print a string of text but with different fonts to see how they look.

Properly selecting fonts for websites also require some thought, as the font you choose to use needs to be installed on the user’s computer to be able to display properly. Otherwise, it will default to another font. It’s nice to set up your site to look great with a free font you downloaded online, but all that effort is useless if the user doesn’t have it. Therefore, consider finding out the commonly installed font types on computers and then only consider and compare those fonts when doing font selection.