P1 W1MAX USB Modem

Guess what, I just came back from PacketOne Networks (P1, for short) office located just beside the Federal Highway. What did I go there for? Simple enough, because they knew I am the upcoming Malaysia Problogger and invited me over to officiate the launching of their long awaited P1 W1MAX USB Modem!


This USB modem is what the folks there called the WIGGY. You can see this teaser which counts down to PC Fair day! This is something which all of you have been waiting for… and you just have to wait two more days to find out all the details you need in PC Fair.

But you are in luck today! I show you first hand photos of the much talked about P1 W1MAX USB Modem.


The USB Dongle comes in a little plastic case. It contains the USB modem, a manual and is encased within some shock absorbent material.


The USB Modem itself is sleek and sexy. This small modem definitely provides more mobility for P1 W1MAX and so much better compared to the current bulky DS-300 Modem.

Let’s plug this baby into my USB port.


So far so good. Once the modem is plugged it, it triggers the self installation program and installs the device drivers and the connection manager program. This is simple enough and was completed in a couple of minutes. What the heck, let’s connect now….

P1 Connection Manager

Darn, can’t connect. The connection status stays as “Scanning” (red light blinking) for forever… Hey, P1 WiMAX supports download of up to 30Mbps and upload of up to 7Mbps, but I am getting “Scanning…” only. Not too sure it is because my account is not activated yet (they told me I will need to wait until tomorrow noon for account activation), or my area is located at the fringe of the coverage area. I will give it another chance tomorrow and will also try this at another place. 🙂

More details of this modem can be found on Green Packet’s website under the name US-230.