Latest Apple updates

Every now and again, Apple likes to update their product lineup and this has happened rather consistently in 12-month intervals. However, they have been pretty busy lately with the commercial success of the iPhone and iPod Touch that left their desktop products languishing as other computer manufacturers push out newer products.


Well, Apple has finally released an update to almost all their product family and the change left almost no Apple product untouched, although most of the changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary.

First, we saw some new iMacs, which look as beautiful as ever with the all-in-one approach that integrates the CPU components directly into the body of the screen, giving it an almost cable-free look perfect for any office desk. The entry model has a 20-inch screen while the more expensive models all pack a humongous 24-inch flat screen. They have also updated the graphics card to 9400M and GT 120, depending on your price range.

Apple keyboard

I find it a little funny that the graphics chip is from that of a notebook, but I suppose the space and thermal constrains of the iMac made this the only powerful chip that can fit into the body without causing it to melt down.

And rumors have already surfaced regarding the 17-inch unibody Macbook, which is glitching out and causing the screen to display strange colors. Many have attributed the problem to the 9400M overheating and causing the artifacts seen on the screen, suggesting that there will be a lot of pissed users with nothing they could do, because if the problem is having a hot graphics card, you can’t really tell users not to use them, can you?

The new Mac Mini is also updated with better hardware and now have a total of five useful USB ports. Another change is that the new Apple Keyboard will lose the numeric keypad, bringing it in line with their Apple Wireless Keyboard which also comes without a numeric keyboard.

Core 2 Duo

Finally, the Apple Time Capsule and Airport Extreme are now able to operate two different wireless networks simultaneously. That means they operate on 2.4Ghz on one channel and run a different network on the 5Ghz frequency, and conceivably you could have two different networks, one for your home computer and one for guests-only access, although I am sure hackers will surely figure out novel ways to harness this ability.

The hardware refresh meant faster processors running mostly on Core 2 Duo, which irked a few as they would have liked the faster Core i7 processors from Intel. However, the enterprise-level Mac Pro will come with Intel Nehalm, also known as the new Intel Xeon server-grade processors based on the i7.

There are even rumors that we could see an Apple-based netbook coming out soon, although it seems that Apple is vehemently denying such news. Anybody else who likes to see them do a netbook ala Eee PC?