50 cents per idea vending machine

This may sound crazy, but trust me it looks like really fun! The Fun-O-Meter (also known as Robofun, the Fun Idea Machine, or Funulator… well, as the creator puts it of course), can dispense an idea per 50 cents.

50 cents per idea

Unlike most people who tried to monetize their website, Jake of Zoomdoggle.com came up this his unique money-making venture! An idea vending machine! The machine surely doesn’t look very fashionable, but it’s eye catchy all right! – and they are placed at strategic locations!

For 50 cents, I think it’s a real bargain. Your cents gets you:

  • 1 fun idea. Zoomdoggle.com is loaded with lots of fun ideas, so you can expect a great fun with the new idea!
  • A map, in case fun idea requires travel. Haha…
  • You also get 1 toy. You know the type. Standard vending machine stuff. You can give it to me if you don’t want it. 🙂
  • 1 quarter (25 cents)!
  • Plus a lucky penny!!

Now, you tell me which vending machine in the world gives you money? The answer is of course the strong>Fun-O-Meter! So, why on earth is he giving you 1 quarter back? This is because he wanted to charge 25 cents only, but the machine is configured for 50 cents, so he figured he would put a quarter in each egg. Free money! Hahaha… so much fun indeed!

Do the simple maths. In the end it only costs you 24 cents. Don’t forget about the lucky penny!

Now, you want to pay 24 cents for a cool idea… and some other goodies? Head over to meet Fun-O-Meter. 🙂