Google co-founder Sergey Brin blogs on Blogger

Sergey Brin appears to have started a blog recently on Google’s Blogger (of course). It’s called “too” and located at If you are like many others ask, “What kind of a blog name is TOO?”, well Sergey has expected this and explains in the first post:

While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number – two. It also means “in addition”, as this blog reflects my life outside of work.

Sergey Brin

When I first heard about his blog, I wasted no time in rushing there to get some Google tips, but unfortunately, there isn’t any. In fact, so far there are 2 posts only and they are truly about personal stuff only. He talks mostly about his mother suffering from Parkinson’s disease and how he is at a risk to develop it too. He also briefly publicize his wife’s business, 23andMe, which does DNA testing.

The blog has not pictures and no comments so far, most probably they are heavily moderated.

Anyway, since anyone could create a blog and start posting as Sergey Brin, Matt Cutts decided to check with Google staff and and they confirmed that it was indeed Sergey Brin’s blog. I have no idea where Sergey will take this but I look forward to reading more about his life outside of Google… and of course some Google tips perhaps. 🙂