WordPress Corporate Theme – Update

Since releasing our Corporate Theme earlier this year, we have received some positive feedback and we are pleased to release Version 2.0 with some minor enhancements:

  • Bottom Navigation
    Drop-downs are included to cater for long archive lists so the page will look neater.

  • Top Menu
    Font size is reduced to create more space for more menu items.

  • Content Area
    Overall font size is increased to improve readability.

Main/Header Picture

WordPress Corporate Theme

We also received some questions on how to change the main/header pictures. Here are some guidelines.

  • The recommended width is 380 pixels.
  • The recommended height is 250-300 pixels.
  • The pictures will randomly change when the page is refreshed.
  • Currently it randomize between 2 pictures. For example if you wish to increase this to 5 pictures, open the file “main_photo.php” with a text editor such as Notepad. Change the line $random_image = rand(1,2) to $random_image = rand(1,5). Notice that you actually need to change the second number in the coding, from 2 to 5.
  • The picture is to be named in the following format: header_1.jpg, header_2.jpg, header_3.jpg and etc.
  • Save the pictures in the “headers” folder.

Bottom Navigation

WordPress footer

This is the section where the Categories, Archives, Recent Comments and Links are displayed. The default is to display 11 lines each (except the comments which will only display the latest 5 comments), and if you have more than that, the older ones will be in drop downs. By using drop downs the page will not grow too long and become messy.

This WordPress theme has been tested in WordPress 2.6. Download the theme in the Free WordPress Themes page.