Biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet

Not too long ago, Forbes, launched what’s bound to be a fresh annual feature with their first ever Web Celeb 25. It’s a list of the biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet. From penniless bloggers to geek entrepreneurs, these are the people who are capturing eyes, influencing opinion and who are famous for creating or appearing in Internet-based content. Of course they must be highly recognizable on the Internet.

Now, let’s check this interesting list to see who tops the list. Whether hot and sexy look plays a role to help you get onto the list. 🙂

Jessica Lee

Haha, no doubt about it, the number one spot went to Jessica Lee Rose of Lonelygirl15 who looks so pretty and sexy! I am sure she is no stranger to those of you who visited Youtube everyday. She is well known as Bree, a 16-year-old home-schooled American teenager who recorded her private thoughts into a videos and posted them on YouTube under the name Lonelygirl15 where she attracted millions of fans. However, in August 2006, the videos were exposed as scripted fakes, and Bree was outed as 19-year old New Zealand-born actress Jessica Rose.

Perez Hilton, a controversial celebrity gossip columnist/blogger with a poison pen and hugely popular website landed on the second spot. His website has nothing except tonnes of gossip items about a variety of celebrities. Often he posts tabloid photographs over which he adds his own captions or “doodles” for comedic effect. Just in case you got misled, he has nothing to do with Paris Hilton 🙂

Anyway, here’s a quick view of the top ten of the list:
1. Jessica Lee Rose
2. Perez Hilton
3. Markos Moulitsas Zúniga
4. Matt Drudge
5. Seth Godin
6. Jeff Jarvis
7. Glenn Reynolds
8. Amanda Congdon
9. Robert Scoble
10. Kitkat

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